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The researchers began by asking fairly straightforward questions about technical support. Most other AI bots are trained using a database of answers that they then can choose from, but Google’s robot is able to answer questions in ways that it has not been told to.

It successfully helped its human conversation partner with issues to do with using virtual private networks and browsers that keep crashing. The full study is described in a recent article, 'A Neural Conversational Model', which was delivered at a recent conference on machine learning.

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He said that it is therefore “not clear that the future will be radically different from the past in terms of how automation will affect overall UK employment rates”.

A further 90,000 NHS administrative posts and 24,000 GP receptionists could be subjected to automation in a similar way, with savings of more than £1.7bn, the thinktank claimed.

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Up to 30 per cent of UK jobs are at risk of being taken over by robots and Artificial Intelligence by the early 2030s, a new report warns.

The study, published by professional services firm Pw C, claims that the likelihood of automation is highest in sectors including transport, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

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