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I know its soon but i just want to get her a small gift ( like 30-50$ ) price range.Never done this before so give me some idea's.The meaning/thoughtfulness is more important and showes your thoughts better, than any default gift.Because any body could gift her some default stuff. You are kind right, i might buy her something and then things don't work out and ill feel like an idiot....Movies are normie, Jewelry for 50$ is a bad idea and with 16 around corner, she'll have a lot jewelry if she wants. A night out sneaked drinking cheap fortified wine or Cheap distilled spirits moving on a two wheeled drive (moped, scooter etc) and visiting some places that are filled in day but empty at nights and a beat up Tshirt bought straight up as a joke at a cheap store would be a lot better, a big move from your side, within your budget and a memorable night like that will make either the relationship go a step forward with her being serious or the last hurrah you had in your short lived relationship.

At your age, its this asymmetry that will make you memorable for her and bring happiness to both.

Been dating a Polish girl from my boarding school for over a week now.

I want to get her a small present for being honest and teaching me a lot of Polish and being open and stuff.

That doesn't mean she fits the stereotype though. but as you recognized youreself dont try to be the sugardaddy and start buying her expensive jewelery or parfums. First of all I would say slow down you're only 15 and you've been dating for 1 week which isn't a lot of time to get to know someone.

Polish girls are extremely easy you don't need to buy her anything.

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