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'It's the Shand Kydd connection that has prompted this talk.

Even so, is this a secret which - according to the Australian magazine - has been whispered about in aristocratic and royal circles for the past 43 years? 'A clear case of one too many tinnies,' I was told by my aristocratic source.Thin, nervy and no great flirt, she had none of the things that appealed to the swashbuckling financier.'What he liked was the exotic, the sexy, the dangerous, the cosmopolitan,' said a friend who knew them both. It wouldn't surprise me if the only two men Frances ever went to bed with were Johnnie Spencer and her second husband Peter Shand Kydd.And Frances knew it - no matter where she turned, she was reminded of the Spencer family's 200-year-old peerage and her responsibility to further the line.As soon as possible, the Althorps resumed marital relations and, within weeks, Frances was pregnant again.

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