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To start off they have went through several managers and have no organization. Second manager comes in then tries to tell us our rent is 900 a month when we signed a lease for 850.When I signed my lease I told them I have two service dogs. They told us they would honor the 850, however was still charging us late fees for not paying 900.The chat rooms are not to be considered or used as dating rooms.Terms such as "a/s/l" are discouraged and are frowned upon.7.The minimum age to enter these chat rooms is sixteen.By entering the chat rooms you are validating and identifying yourself as being sixteen years of age or above. The depression chat rooms are not to be linked to any external resource without prior consent from us.Happened on a Friday so maybe next month if they feel like it they will fix it. Furnance went out at least 3 times once again in January and February, they didn't fix it right the first time so needless to say there was a couple cold nights.Had a plumbing issue recently thank goodness we don't pay the water because it ran at full speed all weekend because the manager didn't see it as urgent to call maintenance. And the air conditioner, I am on the 2nd summer in this hell hole and of course issues last summer and this summer.

She's rude and loses important documents and even tried sending us to court because she lost our rent. Just the other day she told me she wished people would just put their rent in the lock box on the door as I was turning in my rent and getting a receipt. They lost my extremely detailed inventory move in list.And when they put in a new screen they couldn't even pull the white tape from the window where they literally taped a screen on there that eventually fell down from the weather.Last winter they didn't salt the sidewalks until I called and threatened to sue them if myself or one of my children fell and hurt themselves. I will make it my mission to get Davison township out here and show them how the management is impacting our lives.Been here almost a year in September and we will be moving as soon as we can find another place.The new management is so unqualified it makes me sick.

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