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Again, those things might mostly be useful – but if you’re especially worried or at risk of people trying to mess with your phone, it might be worth turning them off. It seems these types of apps fall into three categories: apps for encouraging sex (which we did not include in our review), apps for productivity (like syncing calendars and making "honey-do" lists), and apps to encourage communication (questions, games, etc.).The best way to describe Couplete was "cute," because that's all it was.

Through the "Keepsake" section, users can keep all their photos, videos and even daily agenda in one place.But that’s also dangerous, if you’re around the wrong people.Those notifications can be accessed by anyone – since they come up on the lock screen, there’s no authentication needed to start sending messages to people in replies.It also has a "Loveletter" option, where you can virtually send a note to your partner with an included "Mood." The "Wishbox" was strange: We could upload links to gifts we wanted, but it seems like something a text or an Amazon wishlist could handle. We didn't continue using any of the apps after this experiment.Each offered a variation of messaging platforms, photo sharing or video calls.

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