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Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to conceive written communication.between / among: The distinction is not whether you refer to two people or things or to three or more; it’s whether you refer to one thing and another or to a collective or undefined number — “Walk among the trees,” but “Walk between two trees.”6.connote / denote: To connote is to convey (“Air quotes connote skepticism or irony”); to denote is to specify (“A stop sign denotes the requirement to halt”).12.

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economic / economical: Economic refers to the science of economics; economical suggests frugality.19.elemental/elementary: What’s elemental is essential or integral to nature; what’s elementary is basic.20.ensure / insure / assure: To ensure is to guarantee, to insure is to indemnify, and to assure is to comfort or convince.21.home in / hone in: To home in is to close in; to hone in is to confuse one word for another. jealousy / envy: Jealousy is resentment; envy is covetousness.27.lay / lie: Lay is transitive, associated with a direct object — “Lay that pencil down.” “Yesterday, I laid that pencil down.” “That pencil has been laid down.” Lie is intransitive, not so associated — “Lie down.” “Last night, I lay down.” “It was my plan to have lain down already.28.

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