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BE: Is it fair to say that you were a fan of the films before you got the gig? I think I was 13 when that came out, and it was the epitome of an action film. SPF: No, not overwhelmed, but it definitely opened a new door for me.

SPF: Well, if it wasn't the disproportionate number of stunningly gorgeous women, the architecture didn't hurt, and the fact that you could look down any street and see nothing indicative of it being the 20th century. BE: Were you at all overwhelmed by the amount of historical information that was being thrown at you?

" It just sort of finds itself in that direction, unfortunately.

BE: And not to name any names, but I presume there have been some productions which eventually came out that you looked at and were, like, "Oh, man, this is absolutely not what it seemed like at the time." SPF: Of course.

" But then you start getting rewrites, and you're, like, "Wow, that really changes it a lot." And then the director has a completely different vision because he got a phone call from his third mistress who said, "I really see them all in pink thongs on the beach." For whatever reason, you just see it turning in the wrong direction, and you're just praying that someone can fix it.

But, no, you certainly don't read a script that's obviously a pile of horse manure and say, "Yeah, let me attach myself to that!

When "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" premiered on ABC in 1992, the young gentleman playing the teenaged version of the character was stepping into some pretty famous shoes, but Sean Patrick Flanery was up to the challenge. BE: I don't know if you have kids or not, but what were your thoughts about the way they played up the educational aspect of the series with all of these additional featurettes? "(‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles') definitely opened a new door for me.

But we're good friends, I like everybody up there, and I had a great time doing it. I really like character work more so than leading man. " SPF: () Well, the rumor is…well, I'm not officially supposed to say anything, because Sony doesn't…they want to make their own announcement, so I'll let them. Then, I got up and I walked off to the other side of the golf course and didn’t look back.I could still see Andy just laying there on the green as I heard the guys voices drift off towards their own homes. When I looked up, I saw Andy watching me from across the fairway. He just stared for a few moments and then glanced down and picked a few leaves from his mothers garden and began wiping his face off in the same manner that I had. I looked up and saw that the Obese man was driving straight up to the 14th hole in his little red Rolls Royce cart. The blood was all over his face and my hand, and I smashed my face right against his and I yelled “That’s it, stay down!! I didn’t even turn to look at them, because I didn’t want them to see me crying. I got about 10 yards and all I could hear was music. Then Brian and the guys running up to me with praise, and asking me where I was going.

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