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Dating in the winter can feel just like the weather - rough and cold.What you may think is a romantic gesture, like ice skating in Bryant Park, may have your significant other saying 'see you next spring!She had read the OHD site and, for a change of pace, asked if she could plan a date for me, the guy who was always planning dates.Specifically, she wanted to plan a scavenger hunt for us.' So to help you and your date stay warm this weekend, here are our top 5 indoor ideas that will keep you social during hibernation season.

When cutting out the puzzle pieces, you can tailor it to your specific group.and had no photos other than a curiously seductive shot of her neck.She asked me some questions and I found her to be intriguing.While each challenge is different, the basic idea of each hunt is the same…Hide the pieces of the particular challenge in a specified area.You can hide the pieces as is or, I think, it would be fun to attach the pieces to glow sticks and then hide them (might be a little easier to find, too! Read the instructions (included in the printable PDF) to the group and send them off in search of the pieces.

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