Rules for dating korean women

I shall be back after i finish watching this wonderful love story of taesub & kyungsoo! I watched this last year and I'm planning to re-watch it on Viki after finishing the drama I'm currently watching called "Heard it through the gravevine". Like ever since I watch the US version of Queer as Folk and Brendan and Ste (of Hollyoaks) storyline.2 thumbs up waaay up & kudos to the writer/director & crew and all the stars who were great in their own roles! It's been difficult to find a LGBT series that as a realistic love story.2 thumbs up & kudos to all who acted in this drama!I'm just on epis 43 of this drama & i must admit the only reason i watched it is because of my favorite actor Song chang ui who has been amazingly a great actor in Golden Bride & others!

They treated the person as an honest and loving person and friendly, similar to Tae sub and Kyung soo!

I am 65 years old and had been in Australia for past 36 years.

I left Philippines when I was 29 years old hoping to live life the way I wanted.

His love story was barely luke warm and they really shouldn't have even bothered.

It's funny that him and Nam Sang Mi started dating in real life, it certainly was because of the romance between their characters.

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