Rockband community website updating

Due to limitations with Sony's store system, Harmonix would initially be able to offer 5 songs weekly, selected based on popularity as well as balance of genre and bands from the exist Network library from the Xbox 360; Harmonix is currently working to expand this number.

The number of songs on the Network surpassed 400 in May 2010, More than 9000 users have participated in helping on supporting the Network review process with over 700 of those as track authors or playtesters.

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The Network has been considered a more favorable option for the addition of user-generated content for music games than compared to Activision's previous attempt with "GHTunes" for the Guitar Hero series.

Prior to the announcement of the Rock Band Network, Harmonix would regularly add approximately 10 songs each week as new downloadable content for the Rock Band games, consistent with their vision of Rock Band as a music platform and preferring digital distribution instead of new games or media.

The downloadable content has been well received by players, with over 50 million songs downloaded by mid-2009.

The New York Times claims that in order to keep the development of the Network confidential, they internally named the project "Rock Band: Nickelback", believing that the "quintessentially generic modern rock group" name would deflect any attention to it.

In anticipation of the announcement of Rock Band Network, Harmonix contacted the Score Hero and Custom Hero communities, groups that have been hacking and modifying songs from Rock Band to put in their own custom songs, in order to engage them in helping use their knowledge of song creation.

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