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Teen Wire Teens private place on the Internet to get information and news about teen sexuality, sexual health, and relationships. Is the national public education campaign sponsored by the U. Scholarship information, sports descriptions and features on female athletes.

XGIRLSPORT Extreme sports opportunities and events for girls.

Al-anon / Alateen: for families and friends of alcoholics.

Contact USA : crisis intervention and telephone helpline for teens.

Social Host Liability : information about alcohol, parties, & the law.

ADOPT A GRANDPARENT, NORWICH CT Teens Visit Elderly in Nursing Homes bring your talent, games and books to brighten their days. For info or to apply, call 860-892-4513 The North East Digital Village has made an effort to ensure that the pages linked from this section of our pages are suitable for children, but we cannot be responsible for the content of the pages we link.

Girl Zone A teen "webzine" with a teenage advisory board. It deals with a variety of aspects of life and living.

There is fun, creativity, contests, regulated/monitored chats, fashion, books, health and cooking articles, travel and so much more presented in an imaginative style."--Anita Bhavnani/Manager, Random House, Inc.

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Technological access and training; opportunities for creative expression, and a forum for sharing. Covers important current events, health issues, and cultural differences that impact teens. Founded by the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center among others.Teen Voices - magazine written by, for and about teens and young adult women. Read about the lives of thousands of real people, or get your own free online diary.BOLT Everything you need to speak your mind, hang out, hook up . Beating the Odds Stories feature low income, at-risk Bay Area kids who are overcoming tremendous obstacles. Try this site for the inside info on all that stuff you think you are supposed to know, but don't and are too embarassed to ask about.If you believe that a site linked above is unsuitable, or if you would like to suggest an additional site for inclusion, please send mail to us at [email protected] dating is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to meet each other.

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