Reserved dating across the states

In light of the increasingly widespread adoption of these methods to understand the historical context of evolution, we commissioned several articles under the research topic “Dating the Tree of Life.” These papers explore current perspectives and future prospects for the integration of morphological and molecular data for extinct and extant taxa in the context of a unified, dated phylogeny for the biodiversity of Earth.

Laurin summarized recent developments and areas for future research in dating methodologies for producing timetrees.

Sharma and Giribet present an integrated fossil and molecular analysis of Opilione phylogeny, using sophisticated new tip-dating methods (Pyron, 2011) to incorporate paleontological data into molecular divergence-time estimation.

They find strong support for diversification of Opiliones beginning in the Ordovician-Devonian periods.

Their results provide an important early window on the functional evolution of molecular structure and protein function that drove the early history of life.

van Tuinen and Torres offer a cautionary perspective on the influence of uncertainty in estimated timetrees.

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