Regret not dating in high school

On the other hand, if you mess up in some area that's not important to you at all, then you're probably not going to be losing sleep over it a decade later (e.g., screwing up at some monotonous part-time job that you had one summer).

If you're having regrets about your past shyness, they may go away if you can scale back your shyness in the present (again: one thing to say it, another to do it).

The past errors can't be undone, but if you can be happy in that area now, your mind may be able to let your previous mistakes rest in peace.

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I just said that making your life better in a general, overall sense may reduce your regrets.When you have thoughts of the, "I should have done ________" variety, a lot of the regret comes from thinking that if you had just done that thing the outcome would have been so perfect and wonderful.Sometimes you have the supposed outcome totally mapped out in your head.But rather than cook up some comprehensive five-step plan about how to improve things going forward, it goes back in time and fixates on, "If only I had done this in freshman year, my life would be great, and I wouldn't be feeling bummed out at the moment." Where I'm getting at with this is if you can get your current life into a decent state, your regrets will diminish.I know, much easier said than done, but at least there is some promise of relief in the future.

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