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Pete was one of the founder members of Middlesex Housing Association, with me and others in 1969.

I am trying to find Pete for a proposed reunion of many old friends who went to Eel Pie Island & other local Jazz, Blues, R&B and Folk venues.

At that time I was barely 16 and at Brooklands Tech doing "not going to lectures".

I saw almost all the good gigs there till it closed.

I was playing in bands (notably Fruit Machine) during this time (still am!

) but I never managed to get on that stage at the Hotel.

Me and my band buddies, Steve Gould, Ced Curtiss and Andy Deacon and other friends were regulars there, and they opened another branch just opposite featuring an enhanced menu and called it ******Too! - Chris Randall - [email protected] - 6th September 2017 I was amused to see this long running thread mentioning some of my old haunts and some of my old friends / and some not.

I went to the island for the trad jazz when I was probably too young to get in officially - great times!

In later life, long after the Hotel had gone, I was the Station Officer in charge of the Blue Watch at Twickenham Fire Station.

Of course we stupidly didn't work out that the stage at the end where all the people were standing was where Free would perform later, because the support was playing at the other end where virtually no one was standing.

So we listened to the support, thought they were awful, and then at the end discovered that we had been listening to a new band called Genesis. - Chris Blishen - [email protected] - 22nd August 2010 (bumped) Although I spent a night at the EPI during my 'formative' years, and saw a Mott the Hoople gig there once, I was never a 'face' in the EPI/Lobbage 'scene.' I lived just off the Sheen Rd in Ricky, but I ended up thrashing out my teenage angst in Kingston - although I never did the 3 Fishes/Royal Charter, as I was a bit too 'shy' for the inevitable weekend punch-ups & stuff.

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