Real life adult cams in homes

Swanson Wildlife Health Center, where she received the best possible, expert, care from Cornell’s veterinarians. The injured hawk, confirmed last year to be D1, was taken to the Janet L. We understand that people often feel upset when they witness events in nature such as predation, fighting, injury, or death. Because prey is abundant in the area, we hope that all the young will survive. It was upsetting news, but we took comfort in knowing that she was no longer suffering and in pain. When the chick is still in the egg, how does it get air to breathe? Sadly, the veterinary team determined that the injuries to her legs and feet (possibly caused by an interaction with prey) were too extensive and severe to enable recovery and quality of life, and decided that it was best to euthanize the hawk. Thanks to moderators, to BOGs (observers on the ground), and our cams community, for the outpouring of caring and support.

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Unfortunately in the morning of June 15, E3 was injured in an accident. She took it immediately to the Cornell Wildlife Clinic. Eventually Victoria Campbell, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and Cornell Lab of Ornithology staff member, safely captured the bird. However, because this is a live cam broadcasting in real time, it possible that viewers will see upsetting events. If we observe serious injury and distress, we will redirect our web page to an interim page that provides information about what is happening and that enables people to choose whether or not they wish to continue watching.

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