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Note: Deleting a JAR while the application is running is not supported and errors are expected. (markt) completes must be delayed until the container initiated thread has completed.

Rather than implementing this by blocking the non-container thread, extend the internal state machine to track this.

Enables applications to render richer visual content with more vibrant colors and subtler gradients.

Supports full color management which allows applications to render images in the format and quality they were intended.

Note that configuration attribute name has changed from 58723: Clarify documentation and error messages for the text interface of the manager to make clear that version must be used with path when referencing contexts deployed using parallel deployment.This is primarily to re-enable building the installer on the Linux based CI system where the combination of NSIS 3.x and wine leads to failed installer builds. With some frameworks this can trigger an unexpected initialisation thread and if initilisation is not thread-safe the initialisation can then fail.(markt) Add documentation to the bin/script to remind users that environment variables don't affect the configuration of Tomcat when run as a Windows Service. (markt) Provide a mechanism that enables the container to check if a component (typically a web application) has been granted a given permission when running under a Security Manager without the current execution stack having to have passed through the component.This provides better compatibility with older versions of Tomcat and other implementations.(kkolinko) 57681: Add a web application class loader implementation that supports the parallel loading of web application classes.

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