Psychological effects of dating a married man

Of course, not all fathers are affectionate, and some are overly critical, which also robs their daughters of the fatherly affirmation they need.

But, overall, growing up in a father-absent home is a major risk factor for depression in teen girls, while having an involved father is linked to fewer psychological problems.

Today, I am still learning how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

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As a teen and young adult, I struggled with body image issues, insecurity, and depression.One day when she looks for a mate, she will likely compare every young man to him.As the person behind our first experience with male love, fathers set the bar for our future relationships with men.Now that I have a 9-year-old daughter of my own, one who worships her father as much as I did, I am more aware of the critical role a dad plays in nurturing his daughter’s sense of confidence and guiding her toward true and lasting love.My father’s opinion mattered to me a lot when I was growing up, and his absence, especially during my teen years when he moved overseas for a job, meant that I could not always turn to him for the affirmation I needed.

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