Problems updating zywall firmware

Finally, the performance I am getting is phenomenal.With my pfsense or endian firewalls I could not break past the 100Mb/sec download rate. Nice and tidy fit in my server rack I am happy I purchased the unit and I recommend it to anyone who just wants to get their work done without too much hassle. I wanted to love this little router, I really did, but found a host of issues that have yet to be fixed.I had to buy a remote power switch that periodically pings the router and power cycles it in case it freezes.Totally unacceptable, IMHO.2) Frequent VPN disconnections - I've found the router to frequently disconnect me from L2TP VPN connection. I've read that these issues aren't unique to Zy Xel, but other router manufacturers have been able to mitigate these problems somehow.Very tolerable in my opinion and this is important because I don't have a server closet.I telecommute to work from my home office and I have a half height server rack in my home office.

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This is incredibly frustrating, especially once it start happening more than two times in an hour.3) No support for multiple remote IPSEC VPN clients behind a single public IP address.

I've test the router using QOS, and it does a good job.

Much better load balancing than my previous router.

However, the design engineers are all in Taiwan, while the telephone support staff is in the USA, so I'm not sure how often the two parties communicate to identify / resolve lingering issues.3) GUI chock full of options - You can configure most (all?

) of the router's features using the GUI interface.

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