Poly dating site reviews

I (Kit) first joined in 2004 so I thought I’d be well-qualified to share some tips; Molly is a blogger and writer who has earned a great deal of my respect.

If you like, you can check out Kit’s OKCupid Profile or Molly’s OKCupid Profile. OKCupid is a free online dating site which uses a unique matching algorithm to assign every two people a compatibility rating, displayed as a percentage from 0% to 99%.

This series will examine OKCupid’s features in detail, from setting up your profile through to sending your first messages.

To add a woman’s perspective, I asked Molly Rene, a polyamorous blogger, to offer her thoughts.

This means everyone knows up front if you are involved already, in addition to whatever you might mention in the profile itself.

Though the site is open to gay and bisexual dating, OKCupid has no transgender or genderqueer options, so unfortunately it may be less useful to those unwilling or unable to conform to a binary system of gender.

One of the main pay services is that you can still see who is viewing your profile while hiding who you are looking at.

OKC also has a free mobile app which works fairly well.

Unlike other “free” dating sites, you can communicate with other people freely; paying gives you a few extra features, but I’ve never done it.Another key advantage of OKCupid is that it allows people in existing relationships to have a profile.Every user can label themselves as Single, Seeing Someone, or Married — but if you also list yourself as looking for dates, then your status will instead be displayed as Available.This guide is available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, which means you can share it and repost it as long you do not profit from it in any way (including advertising), and you must give credit to authors Molly Rene and Kit O’Connell.Table of Contents Introduction Once upon a time, personals dating had a stigma attached to it — the only options were newspaper ads which were paid by the word, or incredibly awkward video dating.

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