Peru dating customs

Soccer became a passion shared by all regions and social status and not just confined in Lima.

For people who live in coastal cities a popular sport is surfing.

One of the most important part of any Peruvian party, maybe after food, is music and dance.

Andean music is world famous for the sweet sounds of its flutes and panpipes.

Today Peruvians combine those staple foods with others introduced by Europeans to create tasty and unique dishes.

Native Amerindians still spin cotton, llama, alpaca and sheep wool into yarn and weave the yarn into cloth that will be used to make clothing and other textile.

Chicama Beach is known for having the longest waves in the world.

Bullfighting was brought to Peru by the Spaniards and continue to be a tradition.

Many Peruvians are passionate about bullfighting and it is best enjoyed at Plaza de Acho, the oldest bullring in the Americas.

In Plaza de Acho there are also demonstrations of In every city in Peru, where there is a plaza, there is a church.

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