Penn reel dating

From inshore bass fishing tackle to offshore big game marlin and tuna, Penn Reels have been a leader of innovation as well as world records.Fishing reels like the Penn International, Penn Senator, and Penn Spinfisher reel lines have been associated with the top anglers in the industry since their inception.I've used this in Alaska to hoist up two approximately 20lb halibut up about 15 feet onto a ship at the same time (i had multiple hooks on my leader).My buddy landed a 20lb Mahi Mahi in Hawaii with this same exact reel.I fish out of San Diego and further south, the Jigmaster has stood the test of time.Have changed the drags twice and I can say that it is reliable and strong.

The PENN Jigmaster reel has been a longtime favorite among anglers fishing the albacore day boats on the West Coast, as well as kingfish anglers in the Southeast.Have tested the drag on all my jigmasters with a digital scale. I've averaged (drag locked down) readings of around 13# full spool, 25# half spool, and around 38# empty spool at which the 40# Trilene Big Game usually snaps and ends the test.I imagine It would probably max-out a little over 40# empty spool if I had heavier line on it.Just give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions regarding any of our premium fishing tackle products.Penn is quite simply the most popular brand of saltwater fishing reels and rods in the industry.

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