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Examples include attitudes to money, where we like to spend holidays, how much time we spend with extended families and friends, how much time we spend together or alone, how we show our love, how to discipline children, where we send our children to school, how we drive the car, how tidy to keep the house, how much effort goes into buying presents and the list goes on.We of course tend to see that our way is the right way, and that means that our partner is wrong and should change. with a reading and reception in the Courtyard Reading Room on the fifth floor of Dimond Library. – More than 60 percent of New Hampshire residents would support a 10-cent increase to the state gas tax if needed to maintain the state’s highways and bridges, according to new research released by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire. There are a number of patterns and situations that can develop within a relationship which will contribute to problems occuring.Understanding, compassion and friendship are particularly important when life sends along a crisis.Individuals act differently to issues such as a retrenchment from a job, death of a parent, infertility, miscarriage, a child's disability, fire or drought, and these differences need to be understood.When the conflict grows over time, criticism can become contempt, and is likely to be met by the other partner blocking it out or ‘stonewalling'.These behaviours can be deadly for the relationship.

We tend to become stubborn in our determination to have our way.

All of us like to feel that our thinking, feeling and behaviour is understood by the other, and not judged as being wrong. Unfortunately if partners don't seek to understand, good will can disappear.

Until each feels the other is willing to understand them, they are unwilling to understand the other.

It is really important that this conflict is dealt with in a way that doesn't drive your partner away or leave a build-up of resentment.

Conflicts often begin early in the relationship when those differences that we knew were there, and may have admired or managed in the early stages of our relationship, become challenging.

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