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At first you’ll probably feel like crying, drinking, binge watching TV shows, or all of the above. If you’ve decided to seek love via the internet, you should know that there is a certain code of behavior associated with online dating: while some gestures will contribute to your success, there are also certain online dating behaviors that will...Dating can be stressful, especially in the beginning.Dating these days is a fast-paced and casual roller-coaster with apps like Tinder acting as social lubricant.But, if you are the type who still appreciates a nice, romantic dinner, here are a few aphrodisiac foods that can be just as potent as...

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Once he had claimed he was on his way to the airport, to travel and see her, but he had a car accident.

Whether you’re in college and need to go back to school soon, or your college years are behind you and you’re living the 9-to-5 working life, none of us... You’ve been looking forward to it, but it’s been a long, harrowing week.

Don’t fret – we’re here for you with a list of songs to sing along to while you get ready and excited for your date! So you’re thinking about finally setting up a profile and giving online dating a try.

She received forged emails and bills from doctors and nurses who claimed they were treating him, and she paid all the bills.

She would later realise the scam after she had sent him about 0,000.

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