Online dating for cannabis smokers

"But this study provides evidence that it's affecting the brain in a way that may make it more difficult to stop using it.

It changes your brain in a way that may change your behavior, and where you get your sense of reward from." To be fair: Even if one scientific study suggests that marijuana might help your bones grow or hurt your short-term memory, that doesn't necessarily make it true.

Stoners get a bad reputation for being forgetful, but it turns out the stigma might not be entirely myth.

In one study, Northwestern University scientists found that former pot smokers had developed brain abnormalities in regions associated with short-term memory, and performed slightly worse on memory-related tasks.

Researchers believe the substance helps minerals get into the bone tissue, making bones stronger, sturdier, and less likely to break in the future.

Four climbers who had smoked cannabis had to be rescued from England's highest mountain "after becoming incapable of walking," police said.

The stranded group called 999 to report they were unable to walk down from Scafell Pike, which rises to a peak of 3,209ft (978m) in the heart of the Lake District.

When it comes to polarizing health topics, few subjects spark more debate than weed (except maybe Cross Fit or the Paleo Diet). Before each round, they were told they could win 20 cents or —or they might lose that amount, or have no reward or loss.

In the study, participants sat in an MRI while they played a game, in which they pressed a button when they saw a target on a computer screen cross in front of them.

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