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Great Britain’s Office of National Statistics also showed that while 1.2 million women experienced domestic violence, 800,000 men did as well — in the U.

K., men comprise 40 percent of those who suffer from domestic violence.

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More than 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year.Of the 24 percent that were violent, half had been reciprocal and half had not — reciprocal meaning there was violence inflicted by both partners.Although more men than women (53 percent versus 49 percent) had experienced nonreciprocal violent relationships, more women than men (52 percent versus 47 percent) had taken part in ones involving reciprocal violence.For example, an honest discussion about Israel’s occupation of Palestine need not devolve into anti-Semitism.Neither does a hard look at real terrorism, perpetrated by entities such as the Islamic State, have to degenerate into Islamophobia.

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