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On April 1, the female student was interviewed and confirmed what happened, saying she had found out about it from another student.

She said the accused student in this case was not involved in it, however, but the administrator told her the school would proceed against him anyway.

Likewise, the College’s failure to share information with the accused student, as well as the College’s provision of misinformation to the accused Student, limited his ability to fully participate in the process.

Not only did the college not comply with its own procedures, said the OCR, it “acted in direct contradiction of its procedures and as a result the resolution of the complaint was not equitable.” Every misstep created another misstep.

Said the OCR: The College’s failure to interview the accused Student impacted the College’s investigation and resolution of the Student’s case.

[‘Toxic environment’ for sons accused of campus sex offenses turns mothers into militants] In a written statement obtained by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Robert E.

Clark II, Wesley’s president, and Wanda Anderson, dean of students, said the school “appreciates the insights and recommendations” of OCR and “will incorporate them into our ongoing efforts” to provide an educational environment “second to none.” The OCR report and the settlement are lengthy and detailed and can be read here and here.

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