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Also right here in De Kalb County, the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) is a small nonprofit organization that fights to free innocent men and women from Georgia and Alabama prisons.

GIP works to find DNA evidence that will prove who the true perpetrator was and to ultimately petition the court for the person’s release based on the new evidence.

Why We Write– edited by Meredith Maran The Writing Life- commentary by Marie Arana Wrongful Conviction Day – October 2 An estimated 3-5% of the nation’s incarcerated population is wrongfully convicted — that translates to roughly 1,500-3,000 innocent people in Georgia who are currently serving time in prison for crimes they did not commit.

October 2, 2017, is the fourth annual Wrongful Conviction Day, an international day to increase awareness about the plight of those who are wrongfully convicted and the systemic factors that lead to wrongful convictions.

This is why many committed Georgians are pushing for the state to adopt its own version of Marsy’s Law to be written into the state constitution The Law is now under consideration in the Georgia State Senate, it was introduced by State Senator John F.

Kennedy (R-Macon), during the 2017 General Assembly, passing the Senate 50-4 and crossing over to the House which will consider the constitutional amendment next year. Marsy’s Law would give victims: -The right to be treated with courtesy, fairness and respect for their dignity and privacy throughout the criminal justice proceedings, -The right to receive information about their rights and the services available to crime victims.

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Crime victims and their families are often times still grieving for their loved ones, or living in fear of their offenders even as they try get their lives back to some semblance of normalcy; to find relief, justice or closure; treating them like a number or statistic, would simply be adding insult to injury.The day is meant to encourage dialogue about this important issue and promote policy remedies at a grassroots level.See the list below for a sampling of books and DVDs to help you get that dialogue going.You’re sometimes tickled by what you find, or even a little surprised.I have to admit I was a little of both as I began doing the research about some of these authors.

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