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With the ink still readable — thanks to a lack of air in the cavity and nicotine from the heavy-smoking former owner — the yellowed papers were given to the Budapest City Archives.Director of Budapest City Archives, Istvan Kenyeres left, and chief-restorer Adrienn P.In late 1944, they were crammed into the ghetto, where some died of starvation or were shot next to the river — a poignant memorial of abandoned iron shoes today marks the spot.

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And if the floorplan itself doesn’t excite you, then look at the facade of the Macy’s (which is, again, a former Bamberger’s store): check out the wood paneling! EDIT 4/29/2007 AM EST: Silly me, I forgot to finish my research when I posted this article.

“It helps to fill a huge gap in the history of the Holocaust in Budapest.” Since September, restorers at the archives have been literally ironing the papers to study them, pausing occasionally when they spot someone famous among the scrawled names.

The May 1944 Budapest census was to identify houses to serve as holding locations for Jews before moving them to a planned walled ghetto in the city’s seventh district.

Holl stand next to documents dating from 1944 that are part of around 6,300 census forms of Budapest’s then Jewish population in Budapest, November 12, 2015.

(AFP PHOTO/ATTILA KISBENEDEK) Istvan Kenyeres, head of the archives, was amazed.

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