Mothers dating advice for daughters ancient dating methods

Rachel Easton Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Age: 21I've been thrown a decent amount of curveballs in my life.Through it all my mom has always told me that, "emotions are real but not the truth.” When I was a kid, I didn’t get what she was saying.I spent a lot of time skipping out on friends to be with him during school, and we spent all summer texting and Skype-ing.But a few months into the new semester, I broke up with him and haven’t looked back.I always wondered how she was able to manage it all.So, I decided to see what the party life was like for myself.Whether it was the fear of failing or the pressure to be perfect, my mom’s advice rang true through it all: emotions really can hinder you if you let them.I’m doing better now and I’m still learning to take my mom’s advice.

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Since we broke up, I have grown incredibly close with my friends again.I have been able to go out with no regrets and I have met more people in the last year than I could have ever imagined.Most importantly, I have been able to grow on my own, which has been super exciting and eye opening.I have always believed that people can’t become who they are without making a few mistakes along the way.Yes, we have parents to help guide us, to help shelter us from pain and hurt; but people are stubborn and some lessons are best learned through living. I was never allowed to just vent to my mother about my problems — much less pity myself — and that got really annoying.

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