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But that’s Europe where everything looks like as it is.Today we will talk about Russia and its life from the perspective of expats, people temporarily or permanently residing in a country different from the one of their citizenship.Guiseppe: I moved to Moscow because of my work, my boss launched a project and invited me to work as an architect; I don’t know whether I ever have this opportunity.Paolo: I would recommend my friends to come here but it totally depends on what you like about a city. When you talk with Russians from smaller cities about Moscow, they often say they don’t like being here.People here act the same as they do in most major cities in the northern hemisphere. They say here that Moscow is not real Russia, but then again Stockholm is not real Sweden and New York is not representative for the rest of the US.So that argument doesn’t really matter, you don't move to a whole country you move to a city.You will have to find one of those big 24 hour supermarkets you have but they’re nowhere as frequent as what I’d like.

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I will sound like a snob but first one is about dining, I like sitting at a top rated Michelin restaurant and have 12-course dinner and my friends in Sweden do too.

Numerous websites tell weird and often terrifying stories about how foreigners should prepare themselves for coming to Moscow so to avoid cultural shock etc.

Well, things are not that ambiguous and here is the reason why.

Our Facebook page contains daily posts of articles relevant to Moscow expats in additional to articles that we publish and details on up-coming events. Whilst some have left, there remains a highly active expat community in Moscow playing their daily role in this massive metropolis.

Many of the leading Companies in Moscow still maintain highly positioned expat Executives, Education in the city relies on expat principals and teachers, our social impact is legendary and dedication to charitable causes has improved the lives of many.

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