Mayme golden dating

Muz, as my brother and I called her, was my grandmother.At Gold’s, she always gripped my hand tightly as if she feared I might be swept away by the tides of humanity flowing past us.One day, while waiting for an elevator, an older, well-dressed man with a flower in his lapel approached and warmly greeted my grandmother by name, Mayme.Muz proudly introduced me to the gentleman who, I assumed, was some friend of the family.

I wanted to go to the University of Nebraska but finances were tight during the Great Depression.

It was just south of the main store where the parking lot used to be.

In 1947 when I returned from the Army I was hired to work in the meat department. Anyone who ever worked at Gold’s remembers football game day Red N feathers, the Fifteen Year Club, Gold Tips, store meetings, Plantation shortcake, store discounts, and a moment of silence before store opening. I was with Gold’s Food Basket for 23 years.* * *Gold’s was commerce at its busiest.

The next two years I worked in the drapery department installing window shades, drapes and venetian blinds. From that I was able to save enough for my tuition and books. I am grateful to Gold’s for helping me get a college education.

I am 99 now.* * *Most people I talk to today did not know Gold’s had a grocery store.

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