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THE ASEXUAL SPECTRUM Still, though most aces neither want nor fantasize about sex with other people, that doesn’t always mean they are opposed to intimacy of a different variety: Romance is very much alive in the asexual community.

Aces say that asexuality, just like sexuality, exists on a spectrum.

"I enjoy physical contact, and I don't find sex offensive.

Questioner: And without using the hand there is nothing wrong with it?

Brotto estimates that about 10 percent of masturbating asexuals masturbate to non-human images.

One woman Brotto studied said she masturbates to mythical fairies.

When I talk to my wife over the Internet (audio and visual), I sometimes ask her to show me part of her body, and this causes intense sexual provocation which I cannot resist, so I masturbate with my hand to ward off this desire. It is permissible for a man to find pleasure in speaking to his wife and looking at her or at her picture in a chat program, so long as he takes precautions so that no one else can see or spy on him.

Does this come under the heading of the verse “Except from their wives” [al-Mu’minoon 23:6] or of enjoying one’s wife? With regard to masturbation with the hand, the general principle is that it is haraam, except in the case of one who fears that he may fall into zina, in which case it is permitted.

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