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Depuis ce film qui l’a révélée, Maruschka Detmers mène une carrière à dimension internationale, travaillant tour à tour en France, en Allemagne, aux États-Unis (Les Mambo Kings de Arne Glimcher), en Israël (La Guerre d’Hannah de Menahem Golan), ou encore en Italie (Y'a bon les blancs de Marco Ferreri, Rewind de Sergio Gobbi).

En 1986, Le Diable au corps fait scandale en raison d'une scène pornographique .

For those too young to remember the ’80s, the legacy of Marüshka has lived on, through nostalgic collectors and vintage-style wall art offered at stores like Urban Outfitters.

Either way, when you see a Marüshka, it’s instantly familiar and evokes a very specific period in time—which is probably why Marüshka prints are popping up in hip Apartment Therapy tours and why obsessive young collectors have emerged, some even forming blogs and Flickr groups to document every Marüshka they unearth from thrift stores and at garage sales.

But he wasn’t above tailoring his work to the taste of his ’80s customers, who also wanted colorful prints for their children’s rooms on cotton canvas.

That’s how Sweet and a handful of young designers he hired ended up producing hundreds of unicorn prints, and hundreds more cat images.

But we were the first to stretch fabric on a wood frame and sell it as an item.” Despite Sweet’s noble intentions, Marüshka prints are the exact sort of generic, mass-produced decor that high-brow art lovers find hopelessly déclassé.

Leur relation prendra fin un peu avant la mort de celui-ci, en février 2006.

Elle aura ensuite une liaison avec le docteur Lukas Bartok.

Three significant films punctuate Maruschka Detmers's career.

Based in Paris, the Dutch actress was discovered during an audition at Cours Florent, which led to her acting in Jean-Luc Godard's film First Name: Carmen (1983) at age 21.

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