Mandating laws

“When we looked at the laws across the board, we found little impact,” said the lead author of the new report, Theodore Joyce.

“But the Mississippi studies consistently found that an in-person counseling requirement was associated with fewer abortions overall, but more abortions obtained out-of-state and more second-trimester procedures.

Currently, 24 states require women to wait, usually for 24 hours, between an initial counseling session and the abortion procedure.

In Pennsylvania, 2014 Act 70, while not yet imposing a mandate, states that schools "may offer instruction in the Holocaust, genocide and human rights violations to students".

All laws except California and Utah use the Producer Responsibility approach, where the manufacturers must pay for recycling. Compares results between states, by converting to pounds per person basis. Lessons-Learned-from-State-E-waste-laws What have we learned from the 25 states that have passed e-waste laws?

This chart compares all the state e-waste laws against basic criteria.

Multiple studies of such a law in Mississippi have found that the requirement was associated with a decline in the state’s abortion rates, an increase in the number of residents going out of state for an abortion, and delays in accessing abortion services.

These findings suggest that an in-person counseling requirement places an additional burden on some women by forcing them to take more time off from work, arrange child care or stay away from home overnight when the distance to the clinic is great.

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