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If you have short legs, make sure the jacket isn't too long.If you are broad, you don't need a lot of shoulder padding.He's your massage resource from relaxation to rehabilitation. In Care: Dedicated to patient retention in HIV care, with an eye on better health and fuller living!Alpha Workshops: The Alpha Workshops is the nation’s only non-profit decorative arts studio that trains people with HIV/AIDS and offers employment in a supportive environment. LGBT Center: The Center is dedicated to celebrating gay life and institutions, while providing resources for members of the community. New York Buyers Club: A place to buy vitamins and supplements.

LTK: How should a man choose suits to best match his coloring? JM: Well, dark colors like black, charcoal or navy work on everyone.

I shy away from "colored" suits because they look clownish. I also like pocket squares, tiepins and lapel pins - just not altogether.

LTK: Other types of clothing tend to change with the seasons and trends.

JM: Buy a couple of basic suits and have them well tailored to fit. Also, discount stores like Daffy's and Century 21 have Italian suits that are marked down from 0 down to 0 or so.

JM: Are There any "rules" men should follow when choosing the right suit for their body types?

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