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Hotel Chat This is a combination chat room and role playing game, only you play yourself, or the Netified version of same.Saunter into a five star hotel in Monaco, then, room-by-room, map out the course of your night.Visit this site to choose the community you'd like to visit by subject, or by viewing the list of the most popular places.Delphi Net Find out about Delphi's special interests groups and Internet access services. No matter where they are, Americans who are living in foreign lands have a lot in common.Find public and members-only chat rooms in the dozens, where titles will give you a good idea of the kind of discussion each encourages.Chat Planet This is an enormous and popular megasite that houses hundreds of chat rooms that it can direct you to by topic.Whittle down from very broad subjects to the exact issue you wish to discuss.Chat Room in Broken Englsh: CRIBE This furious chat forum is geared for those of us who aren't so picky about spelling everything correctly.

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Bla Bla Bla Bla is an online community at the heart of which sits a thriving chat room.

Giglmons Cafe The Cafe contains three chat rooms, the most popular of which is called The Buzz.

Join the giddy gang in an excellent framechat to discuss the news of the world, and to make new friends.

Visit here to make the Internet realize the ideal of many of its proponents.

Chat Rooms: The Coffee House This chat room seeks an urbane and literate -- bohemian, even -- crowd.

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