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Under Georgia’s “Move-Over Law,” drivers must move-over for emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the highway.

This includes police vehicles, Department of Transportation Highway Emergency Response Operator vans and garbage trucks.

Besides, if you don’t pay the ticket, you have a bench warrant put out on you, right? Some states, including Arizona, say that all traffic tickets must be properly served in person. But when you sign and return the document, you’re waiving your right to proper service.

At the bottom of every ticket is some fine print that we tend to glance over and/or ignore.

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“Drivers often will use the center lane to merge into traffic, or they will enter it well before they legally can,” Fedak said. It is, however, illegal to drive with headphones in both of your ears.“They think because they’re on the main highway, they have the right-of-way,” Fedak said.“But the law says you have to treat it as a four way stop.” 10.In Georgia, the entire tag must be clear and unobstructed, a law he said is unique to Georgia. This includes stopping at red lights and riding on the correct side of the road. You have to turn your headlights on in the rain (and shouldn’t rely on your auto-lights).Georgia law requires car headlights to be turned on when it’s raining.

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