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The City of Alexandria cannot accept online payment for parking citations issued to booted or impounded vehicles, or to vehicles cited for failure to display a City vehicle decal (violation code 3-2-336, 10-4-37, or 10-4-37.1).The boot or decal violation must be resolved before the parking citation may be paid and verification is currently not automated.Payments must be placed in the drop box by midnight on the tax due date to be considered on time.The bill, citation, or invoice being paid should be enclosed with the payment.

Returned checks are subject to a fee in accordance with state law.

The Treasury Division windows can be found by walking straight through the lobby and following the arrow marked "Treasury." Payments are accepted in person Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. To avoid long lines near payment deadlines, taxpayers or vehicle owners should consider paying by one of the other methods above or using the drop box.

NOTE: The Treasury Division will accept payment in coins at the Treasury windows; however, coins must be rolled.

The electronic check processing begins as soon as a customer writes a paper check at the POS or point of sale.

The clerk uses an imager or reader to run the check through it.

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