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The canons regular were not monks, but priests, living a communal life.

They followed a simpler rule based on the writings of St Augustine of Hippo and often served churches appropriated to the monastery.

Bridlington Priory was one of the first Augustinian houses established in the north of England in 1113.

Leeds City Museum, originally established in 1819, reopened in September 2008 in the stunning Leeds Institute Building built by Cuthbert Broderick in 1865-68.

The collections ranging from ancient finds to natural history are housed in six galleries.

What survives today is the very large 13th-century nave and impressive twin western towers of a substantial rebuilding, which remained parochial to the suppression.

The remainder of the church, its cloister and inner and outer courts can be reconstructed from a detailed survey of its buildings made in 1537, though only a single monastic building has survived: the great gate to the inner court.

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