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On the one hand, political affiliation tends to be a pretty good indicator of other shared interests.If you’re religious and enjoy going to the gun range, you’ll probably have more in common with another Republican, whereas vegetarian cyclists who pretend to be Canadian when traveling abroad are more likely to hit it off with other Democrats.Hannidate ultimately failed, because it was ahead of its time, and also for legal reasons. Asked in a recent , an app with the irresistible tagline: “Vote your values.Date your passion.” Users looking for a “quick hookup” were advised to keep using Tinder.And if you're into La Rouche, your best bet is finding a date in Larouche, Quebec.Perhaps the most obvious omission though is that there appear to be no dating sites for moderates or centrists.It goes without saying that 2016 will be a consequential year in American history.We might elect the first female president in our nation’s history ever to be indicted for mishandling state secrets.

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Those days are far in the past, however, as there is now a specialized dating site for you no matter your political identity. What prompted this article was a post at the Daily Dot, noting a new entrant to the field.

But if you were interested in finding a mate who “matches your positions on the key issues impacting the world today,” candi Date was the app for you.

Despite generally positive user reviews, it appears to have met the same fate as Hannidate. The extent to which politics have been seeping into our culture is disturbing. Pretty soon we’ll have an app that lets us scan product barcodes to and run them through a database to ensure the company that makes the product is run by people who think correct thoughts about politics. Everything is political these days, and Americans seem less and less willing to even associate with ideological opponents, because we’re all so convinced that our beliefs are ethical and righteous and anyone who disagrees must have some kind of moral defect.

By 2010, that figure is now one-third of Democrats and half of Republicans.

Dating apps that focus exclusively on politics seems like a natural next step.

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