Kubota l4310 serial numbers dating

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As with a car engine, once your Vehicles motor starts to misfire, you will likely have to order replacement parts. You will have to provide your dealer with the model and serial number in order to receive the correct parts.

The VIN decoder will also tell you the country of manufacture -- "J" for Japan, for example -- in position one. The next five characters denote the details of the bike and the ninth character is a check digit for anti-fraud purposes.

The eleventh character denotes the plant of manufacture and the remaining group of six characters tells you the production sequence of the bike in the plant.

The other codes will have either six or seven digits.

If you still have difficulty identifying the production code then refer to the owner's manual. Look at the second letter in the code and it will help you find out when your tractor was built. If it is A then the tractor was built at midnight, if it is B then it was produced in the early day and if it is C then it was produced in the afternoon.

Identify the production code out of the three different number sets.

Compare a serial number to the serial number table. If the VIN is worn, make a pencil and paper rubbing to pick up the characters.See "Tips" below to learn the year model each letter or number signifies. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. One screws into the cylinder head and one that screws into the Thermostat housing.V, W, X and Y refer to 1997, 1998, 19, respectively.The 2010 model begins with A, 2011 with B, and so on.

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