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In 2012, she was a contestant on season fourteen of the popular reality dance competition show Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

Gilbert served as the President of the Screen Actors Guild from 2001 to 2005.

However, a rift developed between Michael Landon and Gilbert after the revelation of Landon's affair with Little House Gilbert had limited contact with Landon after Little House ended during the 1983–84 season.

Seven years later, she was contacted by Landon's family and upon news of his condition, paid him a heartfelt visit following his May 9, 1991, appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where he discussed his pancreatic cancer.

" "Okay, I know it looks bad but nothing happened" "Mhm" she said going into her apartment "I'm sorry I got you in trouble, J" Zoe said "It's no problem, Thank you" she said hugging me Once she left, I knocked at YN door "What, Jordan? Yvette come out here" She opened the door and looked at me with tears in her eyes "yn, what you crying for? I only love you." "I don't wanna do this no more, Jordan. " "Don't tell at me." she said YN "I love you, YN!

We both backing away from our careers" "I don't care about my career, I want you." I said going inside her house and shutting the door "Jordan, Go." She said pushing me away from her "This all because of Zoe? And to think just a couple weeks ago I thought I was just the nice guy next door to you now I'm your man and I don't want no other woman. I don't want to be out there just watching you leave your house again and not being able to kiss you and hold you, Yn." "I love you too but, We just, We can't right now. Xx Divine x X, WHAT WAS ZOE DOING COMING OUT OF JORDAN APARTMENT AT 3 in the morning?

(born May 8, 1964) is an American actress and television director.Almost a year later, Gilbert began filming the series.Gilbert became extremely close to the Landon family after her adoptive father died.Barbara Crane Gilbert then married Harold Abeles, and together they had biological daughter Sara Rebecca Abeles (the actress known professionally as Sara Gilbert) on January 29, 1975. Although 11-year-old Melissa was told that he had suffered a sudden stroke, she found out years later that the 57-year-old had been a VA patient who dealt with constant pain and that he had taken his own life.The marriage of Barbara and Harold Abeles later ended in divorce.

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