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Because the final outcome anyway rests in the hands of the Almighty. Except that the one who clocked 30 seconds had developed polio as a child, was unable to walk until he was 14-years-old, and had invested years of painful, grueling exercise until he was finally able to even run the distance.A person can thus succeed by winning a moral struggle, even if there are no tangible results. We are born into a particular set of circumstances, as determined by God.

Choosing your life partner is hands-down the most important decision you will ever make, and you want to turn it over to an algorithm?But effort is difficult to quantify, so in our materialistic world we tend to disregard its value. We only have control over the effort that we exert.You are watching two people compete in a 100-meter dash. How we deal with our particular circumstances determines whether we are a success.Eliezer was plowing on the mountain, and he began to cry. If it's hot up on the mountain, I'll move you down to the plain." So Eliezer began to plow in the plain, and cried there too. " "Nope." And so the great sage, Rebbe Yochanan Ben Zakkai, taught Eliezer the ABCs of Judaism. After this, Rebbe Yochanan said, "Eliezer, it is time for you to go." Eliezer cried: "I want to learn more Torah! Then one day, Eliezer was sitting and learning Torah in the back of the study hall. At which point, Rebbe Yochanan Ben Zakkai told Eliezer to move to the front and recite his Torah aloud.After Eliezer had finished, Hurkanas stood up, and beaming with pride, said: "Eliezer, at first I wanted to give my property to all of my sons but you.

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