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Fans goaded Jared to reveal what he had whispered, and he hesitated, adding that all his jokes are “offensive.” Ultimately, Jared proceeds to say “does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

”Chloroform is a chemical formerly used as an anesthetic — meaning it knocks people unconscious.

Sophia Bush and Austin Nicholas ("One Tree Hill") Sophia's a notorious costar-dater, and Austin is actually her second intra-"OTH" relationship (she was married to former co-star Chad Michael Murray for a hot second in 2005).

These two crazy kids started dating after meeting on set, and have been together since late 2007.

That is until they broke up in April, when the split made headlines all over the place.

Allison Munn and Scott Holroyd ("One Tree Hill") These two currently play recurring characters on "One Tree Hill" — David, Quinn's ex-husband, and Lauren, Skills' ex-girlfriend, respectively.

Fans are not happy with Jared and Jensen, known as J2, after the joke.

And while many defended Jared and Jensen, saying they likely didn't mean any harm, one Twitter user pointed out that it's still an example of rape culture.

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