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Women, in the eyes of many, are done in by their complicated sexual history or consumption of alcohol or choice of revealing clothes.In a season six episode of , unrepentant sadist Ramsay Bolton suffers his long overdue comeuppance when Sansa Stark feeds him to his own dogs.For starters, dogs are much less susceptible to victim blaming.Innocent, thoughtless creatures seemingly driven only by instinct and reflex are immune to suggestions that they somehow invited their own fate.strike fear in my heart like a dog in an online-dating profile.It’s not the popularity of dogs that worries me, but that so many eligible partners allege some connection between a potential mate’s desirability and his or her affinity for dogs.

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If your date’s dog meets you with incessant barking, growling mistrust, and a reckless disregard for personal space,that could be the shape of things to come from the dog’s master.

” Try choosing between A) disgraced NFL quarterback Michael Vick for doing odious things to dogs (a crime for which he was arrested, convicted and did hard time), or B) Bill Cosby for an extensive record of accusations of doing heinous things to women (a series of crimes for which, until rather recently, he appeared very likely to escape legal culpability entirely).

I would have to go with Vick, and perhaps it’s not even that close.

(Then again, if your allegiance is with the quadrupeds in the latter scenario, I suppose foregoing dinner and a movie will save us both precious time.) Dogs aid Harriet Jacobs’ maniacal owner in , a dog sniffs out the titular hero as he hides from slavecatchers in a hole under a pile of fence rails, a discovery that leads to Turner’s execution.

It’s likely not coincidence that dogs are also tools of the modern carceral state.

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