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Heaven knows I'd want you to come over right now and spoon and watch a movie with me. The chat phase favors people building up fantasies and false expectations, it lets the timewasters, the obsessed, and the unstable etc. You develop a sixth sense for screening out a lot of that.

Feelings are not bad, especially feelings of sadness or disappointment.

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I came out of a 6 week relationship prior to joining POF that moved way too fast.

I want to get out enjoysomeone front of a computer hoping he is one here... The sad truth is that 9 out of 10 men you date or talk to are going to be looking for just sex, be slimebags, tell you what you want to hear (or what they think you want to hear) and lead you on. No man is prepared to get married before even meeting. First meeting is only a "Meeting" and should not be any longer than 30 minutes to one hour. If it is , then they shouldn't be meeting you, they are going to be too busy, a lot.

So, that should be a sign that he is already kind of flaky and kind of a liar whos telling u what he thinks u want to hear or whats worked for him before. @ White Dove D532months DAM ya time to move on..i could see maybe 2weeks of chat an talk.after that amount of time you should be ready for more then just chat time an he wont even answer your text most times..sounds like he already has somebody an has just been stringing you along while spending his time with his main woman or women.for some men moving fast the faster a guy moves with all the pet names an being in a hurry to want to meet up especially on his terms an times he has an agenda an it doesnt mean just sitting down an just talking more like hit it an move..thoses types burn out quick an move on just as quick as they popped up if you stand your ground..youve already asked him to slow down an he's still gunning it hes on a havent even met [email protected] Vienne Seulei will agree with you on that marriage part an all the other he is probably just running his same ol hook line an sinker line.easy to use the same old tired lines on new women..i know ive heard enough of them that i can dam near predict what thier next cutesy or over rated sentence will be.. If they can't meet with you within 2 hours of initial contact, or at the latest, 5 days, then they are wasting your time. Always have your first meetings in public, where someone knows you - would be good, or bring a friend.

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