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They, in turn, have inexplicably taken a vow of celibacy and/or are holding out for Ryan Gosling. Reason #4 - Nice Girls Finish Last You are too nice.

If you were raised to be a good Christian guy or girl, you probably aren't completely comfortable saying "no"--just "no"--no qualifications, no "You're a really nice guy, but..." or "I'm really focusing on my acting right now, so..." These things take practice.

Most likely a dinner with a short walk around somewhere to talk freely about personal and common interests.

DISCLAIMER: Every guy I have ever dated that has gone to the same church has been a perfect gentleman. Awkward: You volunteer together every other Sunday and still have to see each other at church, even if it ends...awkwardly.

I also enjoy playing RPGs, 1st person 3D shooters, and real time strategies.

Currently on staff at an SDA boarding school with plans to finish college, getting a degree in physics and publishing a book on my cosmological model.

Which is, as you already may have guessed, awkward.

Reason #3 - She's Just Not That Into You This is not, strictly speaking, entirely true.

All the single girls at church then hold a gladiatorial contest to determine who gets to sit next to him during Bible study. What makes it worse is that everyone will be secretly or not-so-secretly judging you for your three-minute-engagement. Reason #9 - The Temple of the Holy Spirit Market Think about it for a minute--scoping out your church for dates feels...a little bit icky. Reason #10 - The Clincher You might meet someone and fall in love.

Well, revise that to "No one wants to date that guy." Harsh, but true. Because he hits on every single single girl at church, which means he's: A) Desperate, B) Has very little dating experience, or C) Desperate and has very little dating experience. It might be the tendency to constantly bring up a struggle with lust during coed group discussions.

It might be an inability to take "no" for an answer (At which point that guy becomes "that stalker" and you might have to get a restraining order.) Regardless, that guy will always ask you out, as a rule.

Plus, when you're screening every member of the opposite sex for desirable life partner traits, it kind of takes the fun out of dating, or most forms of social interaction for that matter.

Reason #6 - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Gossip Pants People, they talk. They talk about guys at church and whether or not it would be a good idea to date them.

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