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and much of the adventure focuses directly on the action. Give the PCs a sense of the incredible distances they are crossing. and the PCs seek to rescue their employer even as they overcome the curse of the Dragon’s Eye. the adventure can begin as a race to the Temple of Kha’shazul. Vol’s forces have no fi xed timeline to fi nd what they are looking for. Let the player choose which type of dragonmark his or her character will gain. Creatures without dragonmarks develop either a true dragonmark or an aberrant dragonmark—even creatures not of a dragonmarked race. Thi s is especially a probl em for r ur al officials and deput i zed ci t i zens, whose aut hori t y could be quest i oned. if a treasure hoard or foe’s spoils includes a magic longsword. a barbarian tribe that worships an evil red dragon. Vol redoubles her efforts to find the Dragon’s Eye. The quori has kept Jheamast’s own soul from moving on. Equipment on the Go The treasure detailed within the encounters should be sufficient to provide the PCs with appropriate gear for their level. and that they will unknowingly work for the Chamber at his direction. the characters enter the orrery and fi ght their way past Khurystas’s servants. and floor of the cavern are covered with glyphs and symbols resembling dragonmarks. he gains the use of resist energ y once per day as a spell-like ability. (6 squares) Melee mwk mace 6 (1d8 1) or Melee mwk dagger 6 (1d4 1/19–20) Base Atk 4. If a divinity seeker is tripped during her own trip attempt. However, this power is somewhat di mi ni shed if the suspect is a member of a royal family or a dr agonmar ked house, or is sufficiently wealthy. and who were able to trap quori spirits within their own minds. Treasure Map: Early in the adventure (or as a setup in a previous adventure). TACTICS The Blood of Vol divinity seeker spends the first round of combat drawing her 1 wounding chain-and-dagger. Ti t l e deeds are not car r i ed by the owner, but are r at her kept under lock and key in a safe l ocat i on. discussing his work with only a select few dragons of the Chamber. Characters must either win the favor of the Lhazaarite high prince or sneak aboard his ship to steal the map. Fighting the Lich Queen: If the PCs are already active foes of the Emerald Claw or the Blood of Vol. The party encounters a contingent of Emerald Claw soldiers in Q’barra.000 miles. arrange to have the next stage of the adventure come to the characters. sagging with the weight of hundreds of ancient leather-bound tomes. Ti tl e Deed: Possession might be ni ne- t ent hs of the law in t he wi l der par t s of the world, but t hr oughout the Five Nat i ons a deed is r equi r ed to prove owner shi p of bui l d- ings, l and, ai rshi ps, and ot her pr oper t y of si gni fi cant size and value. it is designed with special considerations for play. its leader bearing a note containing directions to the temple and orders to locate a relic within called the Dragon’s Eye. the action follows the PCs (or waits for them to arrive). After overcoming some of the fearsome monsters that stalk the haunted isle. The blue dragon has ensconced himself within the Orrery of Vortuum overlooking the great Fang Crater. The note also indicates that reinforcements will be sent if biweekly communication is not maintained. A set of traveling papers typically costs 2 sp, and can be purchased at Sivis and Denei t h enclaves, l i ght ni ng rail stations, and Lyrandar offices located in the por t s of major cities. War r ant : In civilized Khor vai r e, the city guar d, mi l i - tia, constabulary, and all ot hers charged with keepi ng the peace have the power to det ai n those they suspect of wr ong- doing.

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Though some encounters take place during the journey. granting them power by which the dragons could be controlled. Warrant s are issued by law enforcement aut hori t i es and cannot be purchased. the PCs make their way to an ancient draconic temple and the promise of a treasure hoard waiting to be discovered there. all of which the party must overcome before finally finding the explorer’s sarcophagus. but the focus of the adventure is on the characters’ destinations and the action that occurs there. Draconic runes on the map describe a dragon’s treasure hoard but also hint at even greater wealth hidden beneath the temple. Negotiations with Sur’kil are presented at the beginning of Part 1. The fi nal confrontation pits the party against the blue dragon. Her chain-and-dagger gives her a bonus on trip attempts. The issuance of a royal decree is typically a mat t er of such public not i ce t hat it would be har d to present a forged decree as aut hent i c wi t hout the accompanyi ng gossip, r umor s , ant i ci pat i on, and officious goi ngs- on. Jheamast: Jheamast was the last living being to have encountered the Altar of the Dragon’s Eye. The characters will have ample opportunity to purchase or create minor magic items. Krail can become invisible for 1 round provided she is wearing no armor and is unencumbered. Royal decrees cannot be purchased and are difficult to forge for any useful pur pose. 55 The Underprison ..............19 The Altar of the Dragon’s Eye .........47 Race with the Emerald Claw ........ 8 Part 3: The Haunted Isle.......................................................... with the characters aided by the latent power of the Dragon’s Eye. and the PCs must contend with her minions as they carry out their search. Because the game is more fun when players feel their characters’ actions are moving the plot forward. A length of chain connects a wicked-looking hooked blade to a metal skull with a dagger protruding from its mouth. potion of cure moderate wounds Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd): 1/day—inflict light wounds (1d8 3. Tumble 13 Possessions combat gear plus 1 wounding chain-anddagger*. flanking and using the aid another action to assist her stunning attacks. she attempts to use 5-foot steps or Tumble to move around the front-line fighters and attack spellcasters in the back ranks. ENCOUNTER B4 FEATURES OF THE ROOM When reduced to 10 or fewer hit points. quaffing a potion of resist energy (fire) to protect her. The cost is 15 gp, plus any appr opr i at e cour i er fees. 52 Rumor Mill ........16 The Temple on Alert.................... even as the creature has been driven to murderous madness by centuries of imprisonment. After aiding the White Wanderers (another barbarian tribe of the region). Although the PCs’ enemies are searching for the same treasure they are. PART 4: THE ORRERY OF VORTUUM The last stage of the adventure follows the characters to Argonnessen. CR 3 hp 22 each (4 HD) Male human warrior 4 LE Medium humanoid Init 2. She uses Tumble to try to move back into the main hall and flee through the flames. Historical works detailing every era of modern Eberron abound. the fire consuming the rest of the estate provides shadowy illumination in this area. from the Age of Giants to the Riedran exodus and the final days of the Last 69 2/20/07 PM . She alternates stunning fist attacks with slicing attacks. Ti t l e deeds are i ssued by nat i onal gover nment s— somet i mes t hr ough local or regi onal offices, somet i mes by cour i er from the nat i onal capi t al .

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