Intimidating clan names for mw3

have to agree with everyone on the x Xsniperassassin420Xxs out there.nothing wrong with any of those but its hard to remember whos who friends tag is Cyanidespirti was just thinking about this the other day "wolf" and "eagle" were showing up everywhere.saw a lot of people using those and zombie gets used a lot.I do have another weird one waiting in the wings incase I change it.All my tags have included an animal name with a randomly chosen word.

I'm not messing with the OP, I'm being completely serious.

At least you don't see Genocide Z often, thinking of changing my name to Genocidal Bobcat.

I have to say that after playing a little mw2 the past weeks, Scopes and sniper is probably the most used words when it comes to Co D atleast. Don't see em to much anymore but all of a sudden every person I shot in Co D4 was Mc Lovin.

I never understood why people would put numerous Xs before or after the name they desire or the substituting numbers for letters thing.

@Reap: Not to mention "abbreviating" words with one letter, i.e. Because they're mostly little kids and they think that having a shit load of X's in their name looks cool.

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