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Last week both House Special counsel Jack Sharman and/or the Alabama Ethics Commission have put forward claims that they believe that the evidence shows that Governor Bentley probably misused state resources, broke campaign finance laws, created a dark money group to funnel money to Mrs.

Mason, and treated the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency agents and resource as if they were his own personal property.

Hannah made a copy of the disc to keep for her own protection and gave the original to Ms. Throughout the relationship, Paul Bentley was the primary spokesman for the Bentley family and had reportedly confronted his father earlier in 2014 about Mason, but the Governor denied the whole matter.

Heather Hannah told investigators that in the late Spring of 2014, Paul traveled to Montgomery and forced his father to listen to the recordings.

Staffers including Hannah noticed that Mason had supplanted other “insiders” within the Office of the Governor.

Hannah testified that Bentley was leaving the Mansion earlier in the mornings and returning later, and she recalls a particular day when Governor Bentley had makeup on his shirt when he came home. Bentley’s staff brought their growing suspicions to Mrs. The tipping point was Mason’s failure to seat one of the Bentley children near Mrs.

Hannah did so by transferring the recordings to a laptop and burning them onto a disc. Bentley played the disc for her son Paul and his wife Melissa.That tape is reportedly still in the possession of Paul Bentley and has not been shared with the investigation.Paul Bentley has also not testified before the special counsel.As originally reported by The Alabama Political Reporter, Gov. Bentley came up with the idea to use her cell phone’s recording feature but asked Hannah to show her how to operate it.Bentley responded by purchasing burner cell phones once he discovered that his wife and others were aware of his communications with Mason. After several failed attempts at the Mansion, they succeeded during the Bentleys’ trip to their beach house in March 2014. Bentley captured the first of two recordings by turning on the phone’s recording device, placing it in her purse on the sofa, and then announcing to her husband that she was taking a long walk on the beach.

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